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Jonathan Duda has been a part of the drumming and percussion world since the early 1990s.  Having learned the rudiments on a standard drum kit, he soon realized the “un-portability” of a full kit and began learning various handdrum techniques.  As the multitude of world instruments began to unfold in front of him, his interest grew . . . as did his collection.


The following list consists of teachers who, through personal hands-on lessons and workshops, have developed the base of Jonathan’s knowledge and the inspiration for Let’s Drum:

    • Professional drummer and freelance music writer from Albany, New York as well as the head of Threshold Management, Bob handed Jonathan his first drumstick. 
    • Talented bellydance instructor in the Catskills region of upstate New York whose lessons enhanced Jonathan’s knowledge of Middle Eastern drumming.
  • cHARLES KIEL Afro-Latin Musical Praxis; Music of the World.  State University of New York at Buffalo.
    • Two excellent college-level courses that ignited the spark of Jonathan’s interest in music & culture.
    • Jim, percussionist for artists such as Rusted Root, provided a series of hands-on workshops at the Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg, NY whose instructional methods greatly inspired Jonathan to teach.


  • Instructor/Naturalist at the Ashokan Field Campus
    • Since 2001 he has been teaching outdoor education to ages ranging from kindergarten through adults.  The platform for Let’s Drum was initially experimented with at Ashokan in 30 minute intervals with the students. 
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